Damn family, how many more hashtags do you need to see?

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There’s too much talking and tweeting, not enough action. Tell your close friends and family members to take their a$$ to M&F Bank, OneUnited Bank or any other Black banking institution and set up an account. Martin Luther King Jr. already told you to “Redistribute The Pain”. Why ain’t you listening!?!? BlackoutCoalition.org.

Amerikkka has never cared about your Black life but they care about your Black money! Hit these fools in the pocket so they understand that Black America ain’t playing around. Show some respect for yourself. If you’re just talking, crying, and tweeting…you’re playing. It’s past time for Black people and other concerned citizens to take protest to the next level. Get serious. Stand up. Stop being a joke. Time after time, police killing after police killing…our response is weak. And nothing changes! Kneeling for the anthem is cool but it only goes so far.

When are you going to have the courage and discipline to hit Amerikkka with economic warfare? Take away your money from them. Divest! They can’t force you to spend with them, so take it away. Protesting and marching is nothing unless it disrupts their money flow. Imagine if the citizens of Charlotte shut down this Sunday’s Carolina Panthers football game. Imagine if Black America decided to stay home on Monday, September 26

Imagine if thousands of Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma & Maryland residents withdrew their money from Bank of America & Wells Fargo and put it in a Black bank! Imagine if people around the nation joined the movement to #BankBlack #BuyBlack (BlackoutCoalition.org). Black America is over 45 million strong. We have tremendous power. Stop acting powerless. Use your power and send a clear message to the establishment!