Dear Black America:

Thanksgiving (Thanks-Taking) has never been about honoring Native Americans, just like the Fourth of July, 1776 (A.K.A. the 4th of U Lie) had nothing to do with our freedom and independence…our people were enslaved! Listen to what Frederick Douglass said in his 1852 speech entitled “What To the Slave is the Fourth of July”.


Now is the time to stand in solidarity with our Native American brothers and sisters. Their struggle is our struggle and our struggle is their struggle. We both face the same enemy…white supremacy.


For centuries, the indigenous people in America have been annihilated by policies enforced by the U.S. government. The current actions taking place in Standing Rock should serve as a simple reminder to the historical repression that Native Americans have faced.

Black and Brown people continue to be disrespected in the United States. From Flint, Michigan to Standing Rock in North Dakota, the fight for basic human rights, like clean water, has been met with fierce resistance. As a result, Black folk with compassion should have the courage to speak and show solidarity for our Native American brothers and sisters and any oppressed people in the world.