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As I walked out of the Chinese Food spot located in Parkside Shopping Center in east Baltimore and headed to my car, all I could hear was one young guy rapping, “gold all in my watch, don’t believe me just watch.” Then, he proceeded to say “nigga” a few times in repetition, with no pauses.

The song wasn’t on anywhere in sight and he wasn’t wearing any headphones, but I could see that the lyrics of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything,” had already infiltrated his mind. James didn’t have to be present because his lyrics, that promote consuming addictive drugs and the degradation of women, were omnipresent.

Eventually we’re going to have to face the facts. Our minds are being warped by music, whether it’s encouraging you to fall in love or refer to your lover as a “b#%@h.”

Scientists and researchers have long studied the effect music has on a person’s health and brain function. In January 2010, the National Institute of Health published information about a study it funded that showed that music can help provide therapy for pain, lower blood pressure, and help with other physical ailments.

“There’s something about music and engaging in musical activities that appears to be very stimulating for the brain and body,” says neuroscientist Dr. Petr Janata of the University of California, a scientist in the study.

If music can provide healing properties in the body, would it be farfetched to assume it can do the opposite? If all Tyrone listens to is self-destructive lyrics by Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne, would it be pushing the envelope to say that those songs had an impact on his cognitive function? Are teenage girls being manipulated into being sexual instruments instead of successful women?