Wilmington On Fire (teaser trailer)

Wilmington On Fire (excerpt with Queen Quet)

…you also had major areas like Rosewood in Florida, and you also had Tulsa, Oklahoma and many people know Tulsa, Oklahoma with Black Wallstreet but what they don’t realize is that wasn’t the only Black Wallstreet, even in Beaufort, South Carolina there was a small area called Black Wallstreet, these Black Wallstreets were all of the places where Black business owners had a place to now market to everybody else who was coming through and so that they could sustain themselves to pay for new homes, land, education of their children,  build up their own religious organizations and civic groups and so on. So when you’re talking about the Reconstruction era and shortly thereafter you’re talking about not only a pride in who they where as a people but a pride in making sure that they would leave something as a legacy for the next generation…

-Queen Quet

Wilmington On Fire (excerpt with Dr. Umar Johnson)

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