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One thing that we can all agree on is that we, as a people, must stop waiting for someone or something outside of our community to “save us” and improve our conditions. We have the means and we have the power to change our communities. With an annual spending power of over $1 Trillion, there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish if our dollars are pooled together and kept within our community. Unfortunately, because we tend not to trust in Black Businesses, all but an average of 3% leaves our community as soon as it is earned. Outlined below is a simple economic plan that can begin to effect true change.

via Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint

What if our future could change with just nickels and dimes? “Everyone can give 35¢ a week as an investment in their future. It would be painless.” 

Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint will allow us to help ourselves in the battle to create jobs and end poverty and want. Under this wise economic plan, we can now use the collective power of our dollars to build a future for ourselves. With 5¢ a day, 35¢ a week, $1.40 a month and $18.20 a year multiplied by 16 million wage earners would give us $291,000,000 in one year! Everyone can give 35¢ a week as an investment in their future. Donate now and see what our pennies, nickels and dimes can accomplish!