“Unnatural hair will not be accepted on the FDMG campus. All Queens in training (K-12) must adhere to this rule. First infractions will result in a $500 fine to the parent or legal guardian. Your child will be expelled from school upon their second infraction. Unnatural hair includes perm, wig, weave, european hair colors, extensions, sew-ins, straightening comb, etc…” Excerpt from 2016 Anna Douglass & Amy Garvey RBG Leadership Academy Parent & Princess Handbook

In a Facebook response to those who asked to change the rule, Dr. Umar Johnson responded…

“As for those requests to “modify” the FDMG (Anna Douglass & Amy Garvey) Code of Conduct. . . . HELL NO!!! There’s other “Afro-Centric schools & homeschools” out there; go and find one of them. I’m a behavioral scientist and I know what it takes to correct “dysfunctional & inappropriate behavior” our girls only hate their hair because their mothers taught them, and that was long before the white teachers got to them in kindergarten. The essence of mental illness is denial. thank you to all the sisters who have secretly texted, emailed & inboxed me to say ‘you are right about this Dr.Umar, don’t change for no one!’ I will not compromise the integrity of our children’s self-esteem simply because their parents still choose to be slaves. period.”