Donation Based Advertising

If you have a small business or organization with 5 or less employees, you qualify for donation based advertising.

Our key to true freedom is through economic empowerment. In order to achieve it, small black-owned businesses need to be supported. There needs to be more professional grade advertising for micro enterprises throughout the African diaspora. BLACK CENTRAL™ is on a mission to make advertising accessible and affordable for all with the Black Central Advertising Network.

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When you ask African Americans why they don’t support black businesses more, one of the most common responses and issues is a lack of knowledge regarding Black businesses in their area. Responses like “there aren’t any that have what I need” or “I don’t know where any are” are routinely verbalized.

No more excuses! With apps like Around The Way and online directories such as the Empower Directory, iZania, and Black Owned Business Directory, we have the tools necessary to find and share information on Black owned businesses. You can add your business to the Empower Directory here. In most situations, advertising costs hundreds of dollars and is unaffordable for most small businesses that don’t have a marketing budget. Many businesses fold because of the inability to get the word out about many of the great products and services that they offer.

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Black unemployment through 1940 was lower than that of whites. According to Maggie Anderson, author of Our Black Year, a landmark study conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, the average Black family with a household income of $75,000 or more spends 2% with Black businesses. If each family would just increase that spending from 2%-10%, it would create 1 million jobs in the community.

With a combination of supporting Black businesses that give back to our community along with divesting  from businesses (boycotting) that disrespect and take our community and dollars for granted, we can build a strong consolidation of power that will inevitably allow us to take control of and uplift our community for the overall betterment of people of African descent.

Producing for self and keeping dollars circulating within our community is the order of the day.