Marguerite Ann Johnson…known affectionately as Mya Sister*
Ancestral Activist, Actress, Dancer, Poet and Scholar
You helped Re-Define, Re-Fine and Re-Shape
Afrikan American’s Understanding Of A Beautiful Black Queen

A Gift from The Lou born onto Mother Earth on the 4th day of April in 1928
No one has before or since verbally danced with the Harlem Writers Guild while also
Giving of their spirit, sharing their literary soul and lending a Plutonic
Ear too so many from a Muslim like El-Haj Malik Shabazz to a Morehouse Man like Dr. King
Leaving this side of the River Jordan with a Legacy of Love on May 28, 2014 after
Overcoming the struggle of so many societal stereotypes to help
U. S. all…Because of you ”I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”!

Written on Thursday May 29, 2014
By Mr. Shaka T. Barrett, LMSW (Copyright © 2014)

*Mya Sister was the name that her brother called her.