Exciting results from the kickoff of this ongoing movement to support Black Owned Businesses #EachandEveryFriday! The comments and feedback from those who participated has been overwhelming. The energy is flowing. For all of us that are aware, we need to continue to make others aware and encourage everyone in our inner and outer circles to participate.

Together, we WILL make a difference.


There were reports nationwide showing that #BlackOutMonday was a huge success. With momentum and energy, tens of thousands are gearing up to continue the BLACKOUT each and every Friday. More information can be found at eachandeveryfriday.com. Almost 5,000 have joined the event in the last 24 hours, increasing the total committed to nearly 40,000. However, the actual number of participants reaches even further than that. Many who are participating have not officially joined. That’s what makes this movement so powerful. The protest doesn’t require the time needed to march through the streets. It’s all about choice in your daily routine.