There were reports nationwide showing that #BlackOutMonday was a huge success. With momentum and energy, tens of thousands are gearing up to continue the BLACKOUT EACH AND EVERY FRIDAY. More information can be found at eachandeveryfriday.com. Almost 5,000 have joined the event in the last 24 hours, increasing the total committed to nearly 40,000. However, the actual number of participants reaches even further than that. Many who are participating have not officially joined. That’s what makes this movement so powerful. The protest doesn’t require the time needed to march through the streets. It’s all about choice in your daily routine.

People of African descent internationally, some Native Americans, as well as other people of color have also expressed support. The expansion of the movement, which began three weeks ago, is a result of a grass roots effort that continues to gain steam exponentially. The Twitter hashtag #eachandeveryfriday is being used to promote the ongoing event in an attempt to galvanize African-Americans to redirect their money with the hope of making things better for their communities. Below are a few of the comments from participants…


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A few throughout social media have shared their views about the BLACKOUT economic protest and movement, but that has done little to stop the support.

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Although it is true that every community doesn’t have Black Owned Businesses at every level, it’s only a matter of time. The cause for this is not that we are not capable. It is the hard work and innovation of blacks from the beginning of time that has fueled much of the world’s power and wealth. In America, we have owned and operated insurance companies, an automobile company whose cars rivaled the Model T Ford and vehicles from Kantana, a new automobile company in Ghana, go on sale in October of 2014. We still own a number of successful banks and we have the ingenuity and know-how to operate at every level. What has been missing is the support that we provided to each others businesses in ages past, such as the Black Wall Street districts. Keep it going #EachandEveryFriday! Change is destined to come.