It’s amazing that coverage in Ferguson was non-stop just weeks ago, yet after 4 days of powerful protests there has been little to no coverage in mainstream media. This further drives home the point that we must have our own media power and not rely on others who would silence what can and cannot be reported on. A total of 50 protesters were arrested on Moral Monday in Ferguson according to local authorities.

After thousands turned out for protests over the weekend, #FergusonOctober culminated in grand fashion with a well planned day of civil disobedience. From the Ferguson Police Department, City Hall, a mall and local universities to the Rams game and shutting down 3 Walmarts, the power of the people was certainly felt throughout the St. Louis area!

Early in the day, protesters led by clergy marched to the newly remodeled police station in Ferguson and protested for approximately 5 hours asking for a meeting with the Chief of Police. In a powerful moment during the protest, clergy locked arms on the front line standing toe to toe with police. When they advanced and then fell to their knees and prayer, several were arrested (including Dr. Cornel West – see below). 

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Protesters made their presence felt at City Hall, hanging banners and chanting both inside and outside. In addition, protesters lined up outside of a political fundraiser.


“Those Blocking Justice for Mike Brown Should Not Receive a Dime. Officials at all levels of government need to take responsibility and answer their constituents’ concerns.”

Members of Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) and participants in Ferguson October are protesting outside in outrage at a fundraiser for Steve Stenger, the candidate for County Executive known for his close ties to defenders of Darren Wilson and with Bob McCulloch the county attorney who has so far refused to bring charges against Darren Wilson or to seek justice in the case of on-going police violence in St. Louis County. READ MORE

In solidarity with those fighting for justice in the case of John Crawford, killed inside of an Ohio Walmart store, protesters also shut down not 1…not 2, but 3 Walmart stores by first chanting inside and being forced outside to continue their protests. Customers and employees were also forced to leave. READ MORE

St. Louis Rams fans also rolled out banners at the game and chanted, causing enough of a disturbance to outrage many fans and prompt them to move. READ MORE

Rams fans protest - #FergusonOctober