Phil Agnew Arrest

Photo Credit: Power U Center | Twitter

Phil Agnew, activist and Executive Director of the Dream Defenders, was arrested during an #indictthesystem rally in solidarity with #Ferguson protesters. Agnew’s colleague, Jeremy Shaw, was arrested first and when Agnew questioned police about it, they arrested him as well.

Other simultaneous protests took place in cities across the country in cities large and small, including New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington. The Washington protesters stood outside the White House chanting, “Whose house?! Our House!”

The chant, “They think it’s a game! They think it’s a joke!” comes to mind when we at BLACK CENTRAL™ think about this movement. We have endured centuries of oppression and racism across the globe. There have been countless heroes and sheroes that have risen to the challenge of fighting the system that works consistently to divide and conquer us. This fight seems to have awakened the masses and with the youth so involved, we don’t think it will end anytime soon.

As a KKK Grand Wizard stated recently while threatening protesters with lethal force, “A sleeping giant has awakened” and it’s not the Ku Klux Klan!

While the fight continues on the front lines, the connection is starting to be made with the economic revolution that is growing. The two forces combined will bring change that is long overdue!

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SOURCES: The Root, Twitter