Cleveland Browns player Andrew Hawkins speaks on Tamir Rice

In response to Andrew Hawkins, a Cleveland Browns football player, who wore a “Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford’ shirt during warm-ups, Jeffrey Follmer (Cleveland Police Union president) said the following:

  • “It’s pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law…”
  • “They (athletes) should stick to what they know best on the field. The Cleveland Police protect and serve the Browns stadium and the Browns organization owes us an apology.”
  • “It’s not a call for justice, they (police officers) were justified…”
  • “Cleveland police officers work with the Cleveland Browns hand-in-hand, and when he disrespects two of our police officers, he disrespects everybody else.”
  • “How about this? Listen to police officers commands, listen to what we tell you, and just stop…”
  • “I think that eliminates a lot of problems. I have kids too, they know how to respect the law. They know what to do when a police officer comes up to them.”
  • “I think the nation needs to realize that when we tell you to do something, do it, and if you’re wrong you’re wrong, and if you’re right, then the courts will figure it out.”


andrew hawkins

Cleveland Brown’s Andrew Hawkins wears ‘Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford III’ shirt before football game