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Sweet Nature

Sweet Nature by Eddie
Natural hair care products formulated to aid in growth for African American Hair.

South African Ballot

1994 South Africa Ballot

Own a Share of the Mandela Legacy!
These unframed original authentic Ballots were hand-marked by voters in this historic election. Their authenticity is verified by the watermark, hand-written vote, and stamp of the IEC (Independent Election Commission) on the back.


Soulstice Handmade Soaps

Soulstice™ offers a select variety of herbal and essential oil infused, all natural products ranging from handmade soaps to essential oil rollers. We feel our products are much more than just soaps and skin care, they’re an aromatherapy experience; and our returning customers agree!


Freedom Paper CompanyFreedom Paper Company
We at Freedom Paper Company, LLC are committed to transforming the economic reality for people and communities who need it most. And the Key to it all is Freedom Bathroom Tissue.


365 Days of Black Facts Calendar

2015 Edition

This Edition features amazing photos and custom works of art. Unlike other calendars, the 365 Days of Black Facts Calendar features historical events that actually happened on the days they are featured!
Our team of researchers painstakingly go through endless hours of researching to discover and verify the validity of each day. The individuals featured each month are selected by our staff based on their contribution to the world and how intriguing their life is.
A portion of the proceeds of each calendar sold goes towards scholarships for deserving high school students.

Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee

Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee
Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee is a premium coffee, made of 100% Arabica beans from Africa and a “Fair Trade” product. Our beans are grown in Nairobi on farms of fertile red volcano soil, on small plateaus that surround Mount Kenya. Nefertiti Coffee roasts African coffee beans locally so that you can have the ultimate coffee experience in your own home!


iZania Market Deals is a unique business initiative to help Black entrepreneurs expand their marketing initiatives and reach a bigger online audience.  We look for the very best products and services from Black-owned businesses across the nation, and extend these offers to the widest possible audience.  We make the ‘Net Work for you!’