via Because of Them We Can

As a motivational speaker and a photographer, I recently realized that my lens can also be my microphone.  For Black History Month, I wanted to create a campaign that would empower and excite young people about their history and their future in a creative and yet relatable way.  I thought about my two sons and how they were both born during President Barack Obama’s election and re-election. How awesome is that?! From there, I began to think about all of the individuals, past and current, who have and/or continue to blaze new trails and pave the way for the future.  Because of Them, We Can.

With each new day that a photograph wasreleased, I realized more and more that 28 days just wasn’t enough time. There are so many people to pay homage to and so many young and impressionable minds to postively influence…now.

This site was created as a way to keep you updated about the campaign and as a way to win your support.  After the request of many, I have made posters and calendars available for sale. Your support will enable me to continue this endeavor beyond Black History Month. And, while it began right outside of Washington DC, I am planning to expand to other cities throughout the country in order to engage and empower youth from all over.

Please stay tuned in here and via my Facebook Fan Page.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!

Eunique Jones Gibson