Residency Details:

During the  first month of residence. I curated an Exhibition featuring 13 local Black Artist called Forceful Perceptions. The exhibition was well received the last two months in the Greater Columbus Community. The work for this exhibition brings together local Black artist who were given the theme “How do we view acts of violence in the black community?” to reflect on, and create work. What followed was a series of amazing work that made a powerful statement.

I am in the second month of a four-month residency for emerging artist of color within the Columbus, OH area. I have a studio space on site at the King Art Complex in order to produce work for a solo exhibition #ILUVMYBLACK that will take place in March. While on site, I’ve taken part in community education efforts, giving talks/workshops to surrounding schools, community groups, rehabilation programs, colleges, and community centers in the area . At the end of the residency, a Solo Exhibition will feature work developed by myself. The show will run for a short time and work will be available for the KAC to purchase and add to their permanent collection.