Dear Black America,

If you needed proof of why there is a #BlackLivesMatter movement, look no further than the Tamir Rice case in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s kind of confusing why Black America isn’t being more aggressive in demanding justice for 12-year-old Tamir Rice and his family? The silence and lack of media coverage is deafening. Where is the outcry?

Check out the following…

  • FACT #1 – Police shot Tamir for having a gun in Ohio (an open carry state). Tamir had a fake toy pellet gun.
  • FACT #2 – Police lied in their initial report about giving Tamir warnings to put the gun down.
  • FACT #3 – Police said they thought Tamir was 20 years old. He was twelve.
  • FACT #4 – Police shot 12-year-old Tamir in under 3 seconds of arriving.
  • FACT #5 – Police refused to administer emergency aid to Tamir for the first 5 minutes after the shooting.
  • FACT #6 – Police stood around and watched Tamir’s condition deteriorate after they saw he had toy gun.

No other group in this country would allow over 300 days to pass without an indictment.  The White or Jewish community would never allow one of their innocent 12-year-old children to be brutally killed (ON VIDEO) and then patiently wait months for ‘justice’. Why are we?

It has almost been a year and nothing has happened to the officers who shot and killed Tamir Rice! They have not been indicted and they continue to be paid. The family of Tamir Rice deserves justice. How many more cases do we need to see? Sandra Bland, Sam Dubose, John Crawford, Victor White, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Aiyana Jones, Walter Scott, Rumain Brisbon, Akai Gurley, Tanisha Anderson, Kajieme Powell, Vonderrit Myers, Ezell Ford, Yvette Smith, McKenzie Cochran, Jordan Baker, Jonathan Ferrell, Miriam Carey, Kimani Gray, Malissa Williams, Timothy Russell, Chavis Carter, Kendrec McDade, Rekia Boyd, Ramarley Graham, Kenneth Chamberlain, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, and Amadou Diallo just to name a few.

Black America, we must stop being scared to fight back against injustice! How many times do we need to be slapped in the face before we rise up and demand respect?

If Tamir Rice were your child, nephew, grandson, or brother how would you feel about the following…

  • FACT #7 – A Cleveland judge found cause for murder, but the prosecutor chose to ignore his recommendation.
  • FACT #8 – Police tackled and handcuffed Tamir’s 14 year old sister when she saw her brother on the ground.
  • FACT #9 – Police placed Tamir’s sister in a cop car less than 5 feet away from her fatally wounded brother.
  • FACT #10 – It’s been over 250 days and the cops involved have not been fired or indicted.
  • FACT #11 – City of Cleveland officials initially blamed Tamir for his own death.
  • FACT #12 – The mother of Tamir has yet to receive an apology for the shooting death of her son.

‘IF’ you’re not scared, share this picture and article (repeatedly) on your social media networks until there is an indictment. Mainstream media is barely talking about Tamir Rice. Its been over 300 days and still no indictment!!!! We want an indictment right now! We want the officers to be suspended without pay right now!


Individually we have power and collectively we have much more. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., it’s time to ‘redistribute the pain’. We have tremendous power economically. It’s time to redirect our money and support those who support us. It’s time to withdraw our money from those who don’t support our fight for human rights! #JusticeOrElse If we don’t respect ourselves, no one else will. Black America is a sleeping giant and a force to be reckoned with. It’s time to wake up.

If you need courage or advice on what you can do, listen to the rarely quoted words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr on April 3, 1968 (one day before he was assassinated April 4, 1968) [CLICK HERE]