After the ‘Justice or Else’ in DC, some left perplexed wondering what to do next. Whether or not you believe that Minister Louis Farrakhan articulated and spelled out the ‘OR ELSE’, here are the facts:

In recent times, the father of the slain John Crawford has already told us the ‘OR ELSE’.

Economic scholars from Dr. Claude Anderson to Dr. George Fraser have already told us the ‘OR ELSE’.

Almost 50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X told us the ‘OR ELSE’.

Almost 100 years ago, Marcus Garvey told us the ‘OR ELSE’.

The real question is “What the hell are you waiting for?”

You are a leader in your own right. Lead by example. Do. Act. Others will follow, but by all means do something. Doing nothing is not an option. Economics. Money. Redirect. Circulate. Build. We must use our consumer spending power to build and make our black communities and nations around the world stronger! Stop waiting for other people to help us. We must help ourselves. The movement will grow stronger with your participation. Take small steps if you must, but take a step as we walk in the same direction toward freedom.

Peace. Love. Respect.