Inspired by recent protests that made national headlines when the Mizzou football team joined in, students across the nation are rising up to speak out against campus racism, student debt and more! Certainly any American citizen should have the right to attend any school regardless of color without enduring racism. We’re just not there yet, but it’s a beautiful thing to see our youth stand together in unity, fight and have their demands met. While we support a student’s right to choose where they want to be educated, it’s important to put some focus back on our 101 HBCUs. With campus racism at the forefront of today’s issues, it is one less thing to worry about when attending an HBCU.

Although the perception is that you or your child may not be as successful if they attend an HBCU, the facts outlined below show the strength and positive outcomes of students who attend HBCUs. Keep in mind as you scroll down that only 9% of black college students attend HBCUs.

HBCUs are responsible for 22% of current bachelor’s degrees granted to African Americans.

Among African Americans, the following represents HBCU graduates:

Members of Congress



Professors at Non-HBCUs