If you look on social media, you see friends and family members changing their social media profile pics. Certainly, feeling compassion for the loved ones of those who were killed is a natural human emotion. Displaying the flag of a nation like France should make you cringe.

Keeping in mind that it’s tragic anytime there is loss of human life, recent attacks in France invoke many questions about what people of African descent find disturbing and what is overlooked. France, the tiny nation that sustains itself, in part, by neo-colonialism, forcing African nations who regained their independence to pay billions from their natural resources, which keeps these nations enslaved and in debt. Fourteen nations deposit 65 percent of all foreign currency reserves in a shared reserve fund to France.

Is this an example of:

  • self-hate?
  • being uneducated about your own pain, suffering and oppression?
  • being totally ignorant of the past and present torture the French government has unleashed throughout the world from Haiti in the Caribbean to the continent of Africa?


Is this a simple gesture of compassion for fellow human beings who were brutally killed in a coordinated attack?


In April 2015, they were 147 people killed in Kenya. Why did we not see a similar outpouring of support and compassion? Since 1996, nearly six (6) million people have been killed in the Congo (a modern day holocaust), which is more than any other conflict since World War II and most African-Americans have no clue. How and why is that? Speaking of holocaust, most African-Americans are aware of the six (6) million deaths in the Jewish Holocaust, but know nothing about the African Holocaust, a.k.a. The Middle Passage or The Maafa, which killed 50-100 million people.  Do we care about ourselves as much as we care about others? Or do the masses allow their thoughts to be controlled by mainstream media and what they decide is tragic or newsworthy?