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Ohio Premier of Film About Black Wealth, Black Friday, on Black Friday in Columbus

Columbus, OH – Community leaders and activists with the Blackout Coalition are hosting a screening of the new film Black Friday at the King Arts Complex, 867 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. Taking a stand against the American tradition of spending billions outside of the community on the day after Thanksgiving, the film event takes place on November 27, 2015 at 4:00 PM and will offer the opportunity to shop with black owned businesses instead.

Atlanta-based filmmakers, Ric Mathis and Brad Lewis, will attend the event to take part in the after-film discussion panel and call to action. Other special guests include Dr. Boyce Watkins, scholar, finance expert and political analyst; Michael Imhotep, talk show host and President of the African History Network; David Anderson, cast member of the film and founder of the Empowerment Radio Network.

The documentary, Black Friday, takes an in-depth look into the spending habits of African-Americans in America. The film chronicles the financial mis-education of many African-Americans and explores the economic pitfalls that continue to derail the progress of the community-at-large. In an effort to heighten the economic awareness and financial responsibility in the community, the film, Black Friday, presents solutions on how to better manage the 1.2 Trillion dollars that leave African-American communities annually. In addition, the film champions the importance of leaving a financial and ethical legacy for the next generation.

The film will be followed by a discussion and call to action for African-Americans to focus on economic empowerment as the missing key to solving issues such as social injustice, mass incarceration, poverty, gentrification, joblessness, and the school to prison pipeline. Community members and organizers from cities including Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, and surrounding states are planning to attend and are encouraging others to do the same.

General admission tickets are $10 online and $12 at the door. Opportunities are available for display ads before and after the film. For tickets, vendor or business packages, and more information, visit blackoutcoalition.org.



The Blackout Coalition is dedicated to sharing the urgency of economic empowerment for people of color throughout the African diaspora. We encourage and support black business growth and sustainability, by urging Black America to redirect their spending habits to pull the plug on the injustices all across the nation. The Blackout Coalition called for #BlackOutMonday in 2014 and there were reports nationwide showing that #BlackOutMonday was a huge success. With momentum and energy, tens of thousands geared up to continue the BLACKOUT each and every Friday. This form of protest doesn’t require the time needed to march through the streets, but it can leave a lasting impact. It’s all about choice in your daily routine. Now we take on #BlackFridayOhio as we reclaim this day as ours!