CLEVELAND, OH — As the Democratic Delegates of Cuyahoga County prepare to endorse candidates for the March 2016 Democratic Primary, Black Lives Matter Cleveland and concerned citizens of Cuyahoga County are asking the Democratic Delegates of Cuyahoga County to abstain as a vote against County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, as well as candidate Michael O’Malley.

In an open letter addressed to key Democratic Delegates, Black Lives Matter Cleveland expressed their concern based on Timothy McGinty’s handling of the case against the officers who shot Tamir Rice, a twelve year old boy playing in a playground.  “ Timothy McGinty has demonstrated nothing but contempt for the Cleveland community during his time as county prosecutor,” said Rian Brown, a Cleveland organizer and community member.  “His processes has been lengthy because of his choice of inaction which has led to unnecessary and painful processes across this county  especially for Tamir Rice’s family.”  

The Democratic Delegates vote on whom to endorse on Thursday, December 17th.


Black Lives Matter Cleveland

Concerned Citizens of Cuyahoga County

An Open Letter to the Democratic Delegates of Cuyahoga County:

December 15th, 2015

Dear Democratic Delegates of Cuyahoga County,

As you make your decision regarding who to endorse in the Democratic Primary for Cuyahoga County we, as members of the Cleveland community , call on you to abstain and vote no for incumbent County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty and candidate Michael O’Malley.  

Our primary concern regard McGinty’s tenure is his handling of the case of Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy shot to death by police officers who have yet to be indicted by a grand jury. The process of seeking an indictment for these officers, overseen by Timothy McGinty, has taken over a year and, throughout this process, McGinty has demonstrated nothing but contempt for the family and for the Cleveland community. This process has been lengthy because of McGinty’s inaction, and has led to an unnecessary and painful process for Tamir Rice’s family and the Cleveland community as a whole. What we need in a county prosecutor is a willing negotiator, concerned decision maker, and innovative thinker. We do not have this in the incumbent Timothy McGinty, who has destroyed the morale of those within his office and has been unwilling to compromise with many within the city and county government.

A fresh perspective is needed from a fresh and willing prosecutor, one who has not soured relationships with members of the justice system, the county government, and the wider Cleveland community.

National and local momentum has created a mass movement decrying Tamir Rice’s death and the dysfunction of the prosecutor’s improper handling of trying those responsible.

On December 17, you will be gathering with your fellow members of the Executive Committee representing us, your voting constituents, to endorse candidates in the Democratic Primary on March 15, 2016. We want to let you know that voting for either incumbent Timothy J. McGinty or candidate Michael “Mike” O’Malley is voting for candidates unconcerned with the epidemic of injustice within our justice system. It is also a vote against the wishes of those in Cleveland who must live with the consequences of their improper action. We urge you to vote against these candidates, or abstain, in order to demonstrate your lack of confidence in Timothy McGinty and Michael O’Malley’s ability to carry out the demands of this position.  


Black Lives Matter: Cleveland

Concerned Citizens of Cuyahoga County

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