People of Color Are Being Shot And Killed By Law Enforcement Even When They Are Unarmed!

Local media interviews and video footage in Oregon confirm that some of the militia members are:

  • Visibly armed
  • Have been threatening community members
  • The community is frightened by their presence

So we have gun-toting militia members who are scaring people, yet no one from law enforcement rolls up on them and opens fire. No one has been shot by law enforcement, let alone confronted. As a matter of fact, local witnesses state that they have seen no response by law enforcement at all!

MSNBC Law Enforcement Analyst and retired ATF Special Agent In Charge, Jim Cavanaugh, labeled the takeover of the building and ongoing protest as an act of domestic terrorism.

It’s upsetting to know that authorities feel that there’s no need to rush in and handle this situation, given the fact that there have been no shots fired. It begs the question of why African-Americans aren’t afforded the same treatment.

The difference when protesters are fighting against issues regarding people of color…

When African-Americans and supporters protest regarding issues facing our community, especially issues of police brutality, law enforcement is always present and often provoke protesters. At the very least, they cherry-pick protesters to violently arrest as a method of control to instill fear in other protesters.



Regardless of the reason for the occupation, the most important thing to note is the difference of the treatment towards protesters and armed persons based on race.

The protest was initiated by Nevada ranchers Cliven Bundy (who had a long standoff with the Feds less than two years ago) and his son Ammon Bundy in opposition of the sentencing of local ranchers in Burns, Oregon. Dwight and Steven Hammond will report to jail on Monday, January 4, 2016 for 5 year sentences on federal arson convictions.

“We’re prepared to be out here for as long as needs be,” Bundy said in the video posted on Facebook. “Once they can use these lands as free men then we will have accomplished what we came to accomplish.”

It is likely that when the law enforcement takes control of the building, it will be done without a rush to judgement and the loss of life that we see in our communities.

On Twitter, you can follow outrage over the double standard: #OregonUnderAttack