“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to say to you that Bernie Sanders’ ideals and his principles are in fact on point with where the movement is in this hour.”

The 5 reasons for endorsing Bernie Sanders…

“I endorse Bernie Sanders as a Christian, because he speaks about helping the poor.”

“We have a Christ-like responsibility around serving the poor.”

“I endorse Bernie Sanders as an activist.”

“I know John Lewis said he didn’t see Bernie Sanders in the movement. He didn’t see everyone in the movement and the reality is that he didn’t event meet Bill and Hillary Clinton until the 80’s.”

Protesters sometimes chain themselves together to make it harder for police to break up the protest. Bernie Sanders joined Dr. King’s fight in Chicago over housing, was chained to a black protester when police aggressively arrested him.

“In 1991…in Vermont, one of the milkiest states in the union, he came on the house floor and spoke out about mass incarceration. He is not (just) friends with black people in times of convenience. When America needed a conscience, Bernie Sanders spoke to that.”

“I endorse Bernie Sanders as a leader.”

“I have been in talks over the last couple of weeks with high-ranking African-Americans in leadership who are not dog and pony show representatives. The five highest paid people in Hillary Clinton’s campaign are white men. Why is this important? The 2008, 2012 elections were delivered to the Democratic Party on the backs of black women. It is the very first time more black women went to the polls than white men.”

“I endorse Bernie Sanders as an advocate.

“Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has been arrested for righteousness and for justice, when he didn’t have to. He went to jail while his counterpart’s husband pushed for mass incarceration.”

“Some of the most brilliant, genius, innovative minds are behind prison bars. I want them to have a higher education opportunity. And to that end, he has not just spoken to [free college], but he is talking about safeguarding and underscoring the legitimacy and strength of HBCUs. With over 100 HBCUs open, why are 73 of them in danger of closing over lack of funding and support?”

“The fifth reason why I am endorsing Bernie Sanders is as a father of daughters.”

“I had the incredible privilege and opportunity to have Bernie Sanders come [to] Baltimore and walk through the community where Freddie Gray was killed and by his side was his wife. I brought in clergy from around the country and did a closed-door session, he acquiesced deferentially to his wife for her insight, her intelligence and for her mind. He did not do it for the cameras, he saw his wife as his partner, as his peer and as somebody whose mind he could trust. You do not have to be a woman to affirm women’s intelligence.”