We are not powerless. Power is with the people. When we get out the vote, we change the trajectory of election results.

The history of political involvement for African-Americans in the 20th and 21st centuries has been a mix of struggle, triumph, advancement and false hope. Past and present injustices in all aspects of American life have left many in the black community less than inspired to participate in politics at all. African-Americans often feel that “the system” is rigged against us (and rightfully so), what difference will it make?! Others feel that since many parts of “the system” were designed to oppress us, there’s no way that it can help us. We need to recognize that the fight for true freedom in America and beyond must come from an all points approach.

To summarize, it will take a combination of economic empowerment, access to capital and opportunity, combined with improvements in education, housing, and push-back against social/environmental injustice and systemic racism. Attacking only one without the others is like trying to plug only one hole in a raft with 10 leaks. Voting is not a save-all remedy, but it is something that will make the work on all the issues listed above much easier. If you can vote and make the uphill climb less steep, why not?

Black folks tend to only come out in mass during presidential election cycles. Take time to vote in your local primary, understanding that local elections have the greatest impact on our daily lives.



We encourage you to vote for a Central Committee Candidate listed below:

Willis Brown – Ward 7 (Bronzeville/King Lincoln District)

Jhuty Minter – Ward 26 (East Columbus/Krumm Park)

Nana Watson – Ward 28 (Berwick)

Denise Benning – Ward 49 (Southside – Parsons-Lockbourne/Williams Rd area)

Asad Shabazz – Ward 51 (Southside – Lockbourne-Alum Creek / Refugee Rd area)

Jonathan Beard – Ward 55 (Olde Towne East, Franklin Park)

Rev. Dale B. Snyder, Sr. – Ward 83 (Northeast:I-670-Morse/Alum Creek-Stelzer Rd.)

Shay Tolliver – Ward 85 (Southside: Alum Creek-Winchester Pike/Williams Rd area)

Rev. Joel L. King, Jr. – Gahanna Ward 1 (I-270-Stygler/McCutcheon & I-270-Granville)