Dear Black America:

Here we go again. Again. AND AGAIN.

Twenty-three (23) year old mother #KorrynGaines and her 5 yr old child are the latest victims of police brutality. It’s hard to admit but if you’re Black in America, your life is not valued by law enforcement, the justice system, and the power structures of this society.

Hashtagging the names of victims is not enough! We must do more. Imagine if the people of Baltimore rose up and took economic action in response to egregious acts of injustice. Imagine if Black people and other concerned citizens (in solidarity) started pulling their money out of big banks and large businesses to send a message to the establishment. Imagine if thousands of Black folk in B-More, PG County & D.C moved their money to black-owned Harbor Bank, Industrial Bank or OneUnited Bank. Imagine if Black people nationwide showed support for the family of #KorrynGaines by boycotting and/or redirecting their money toward Black businesses. Imagine nonviolently crippling those who don’t support us or our causes like #BlackLivesMatter. Imagine if Black people used their anger by pulling their money out of the mainstream economy and reinvested it into our own communities. Imagine the shock waves and message that would send!

Ok, stop imagining and do something. Send a message to Amerikkka and stop crying because they don’t give a damn about your tears. The safest most revolutionary thing you can do is move your money and #BankBlack. Hit ’em in the pocket! Be smart. Be safe. Be effective. Be revolutionary. #BankBlack. Follow the words of Martin & Malcolm at: blackoutcoalition.org

Korryn Gaines

R.I.P. #KorrynGaines