While the nation focused on Trumpisms, the holidays, time off and bringing the new year in, the legal team for officer Jeronimo Yanez, was busy having the black judge assigned to his case removed. Yanez shot and killed Philando Castile during a traffic stop in Minnesota with his girlfriend beside him and her 4-year old sitting behind him. His 3 attorneys filed a request late in December and “cited an alleged rule of Minnesota criminal procedure that allows defense or prosecuting attorneys to ask for the removal of one assigned judge per case without citing a reason. Such requests are automatically granted.”

Judge Williams, Judge LearyJudge Edward Wilson, the second-most senior judge in Ramsey County, was replaced with a white judge, who was serving as the head judge of the civil division. According to the Star Tribune, an attorney for Yanez, Earl Gray, declined to say if race was a factor and said, “We felt that we had to remove him. Simple as that.”

If you find this action (as well as the convenient loophole rule) to be as outrageous as we do, protest with your money.

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