COLUMBUS, OH – A grand jury convened to decide whether or not to indict Columbus police officer Bryan Mason for killing 13-year-old Tyre King. In just one day, evidence gathered in secret by police and presented to the grand jury, they decided not to indict. Attorneys with WALTON + BROWN who represent the family are blocked from access to any information until the grand jury process is complete and not allowed into the hearing with their client when the statement was given by Tyre’s mother, Malika King.

Community activists are calling for the firing of Bryan Mason. This is his 4th shooting in the past 6 years, 2nd fatality, having spent 9 years total on the force. He has had 30 or more cases of excessive force and despite this conduct, he received a Medal of Merit in 2016.

“From the prejudicial and insensitive press conference held the morning after Tyre’s death by Mayor Andrew Ginther and Chief Kim Jacobs, to the poor investigation and disregard of evidence and known witnesses by the Columbus Division of Police, since September 14, 2016 the City of Columbus has displayed a lack of professionalism and empathy in dealing with Tyre’s death. The deliberate indifference for the lives of its’ citizens displayed by the City of Columbus and the pain Tyre’s family has dealt with since his death was only exacerbated by the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office’s apparent bias in presenting evidence and witnesses to the grand jury.”
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Repeated demands by the family and community members for a private investigation were denied. As in most cases across the country, citizens are expected to believe that the police are capable of policing themselves.

Local organizers have launched, a website and movement focused primarily on monetary activism and this decision is sure to create more action.

Stay tuned for more information about the case as it becomes available. Hear from family members of Tyre King in the videos below.


Tyre King, Henry Green, Jaron Thomas…all of these cases of police brutality ended in death and happened in Columbus, Ohio. No one to date has been held accountable.